What Makes a Good Headline

2013 03 18 1727 150x150 What Makes a Good HeadlineIt doesn’t matter how well-crafted your article is, how many facts you list, or how many jokes you write. A good headline is crucial in all content, including articles, blog posts, newsletters, ebooks and more. If you want someone to read your post, a quality headline is essential! Headlines are the only part of your post that will be seen on social media sites, rss feeds and search engine results so it is vital to create an alluring “pull” to your post in the form of a good headline.

Coming up with a good headline can be tricky, so here are three simple tips to keep your headlines compelling, interesting and attractive to your audience.

Tips on Creating a Good Headline

Tip 1: Keep it simple stupid. Yes, the old “K-I-S-S” principle also works with the printed word. When it comes to a good headline, don’t get too prolific with the word count. Choose your words carefully and be succinct. Use no more words than you need to grab your reader’s attention. A headline is not meant to tell the whole story, but it should help your prospect know what lies ahead.

Tip 2:  Make it relevant. Crazy headlines that are misleading may get your readers’ attention quickly, but you will lose them in just a few seconds if the content has nothing to do with the promises made in bold. It is fine to use plays on words, catchy phrases, etc – just make sure that by the time your readers have made it through the first paragraph, they understand the relationship between the article and your headline.

Tip 3: Make the headline memorable. You want people to recommend the content to their friends and followers. If the headline is so bland and boring that it really does not stick with the reader, then you will lose a lot of attention. While you want simplicity and relevance, you do not want boring. Make the headline unique and something people will want to share.

A Suggestion for a Good Headline

Still stuck? Here is a suggestion: Identify a need, and make your solution your headline. When people search for information, they have a need for a solution. For example, if I need to hang a picture I will search the internet to find a solution on how to hang a picture. By providing a solution right there in a headline (such as “How to Hang a Picture”) you will compel me to click.

Another example is this blog post. I realize that bloggers and copywriters always need catchy and compelling headlines. So, if someone searches for “how to write a good headline” and sees my title, they will see me as offering a solution and likely click my link.


Headlines are often overlooked as being unimportant or just rushed through to “get it done.” Good headlines are essential and can play a huge role in the popularity of your writings. When coupled with compelling copy, a good headline can mean all the difference.

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Jeanine DeOre, CPA


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One Response to “What Makes a Good Headline”

  1. The Title is what gets someone to want to read your blog…Making the Title in the form of a question works great too. I like to use humor as well…
    I have used blog titles such as:
    “Why Did The Blogger Cross The Road?”
    “Take This Job and Shove It”
    and one of my favorites
    “The Network Marketer and the 7 MLM Dwarfs”

    Gotta have fun with all this, too!!!

    Great Post Jeanine

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