Visualize Your Way to Success!

2013 03 11 1356 130x150 Visualize Your Way to Success!To visualize, or visualization / “creative day dreaming,” is the act of imagining something inside your mind as if it is actually happening. We all visualize to a certain extent. For example, say you are reading an intriguing novel. You may imagine in your mind’s eye the scenes you are reading, i.e., what the characters look like, the location, the background, and so on. Or, you may find yourself daydreaming about the vacation you recently booked, all while doing chores. You can probably even  imagine walking along the beach with the sand between your toes and hearing the sea.

How to Visualize

Interestingly, visualization can be harnessed as a strong and powerful tool used to manifest your desires. When visualizing, you’ll want to create a mental image of what you desire to manifest, as if it is already yours. Make sure you are able to see it in perfect detail inside your mind. Should you want a brand new car, imagine the particular make and model you would like, from the alloy wheels to the fantastic sound system. If you want to travel, imagine your dream destination along with the sights and smells you would experience if you were there.

To Visualize May Not Be Enough

HOWEVER, simple visualization just isn’t always enough to engage the law of attraction. The law of attraction does not respond to visualization alone – it responds to the vibrations within the feelings you are giving off when you are visualizing. The trick is to always visualize with feeling!

When you are visualizing, be sure to engage all senses: smell the leather interior of your new car, consider how it holds the road while driving, hear the swish from the rubber tires against the road surface. The more detail you imagine, the more excited you will become! Imagine how you’d feel if the car was yours – how great it would feel! Try to preserve that feeling for as long as possible. THIS is when you will really be sending out positive thoughts and vibrations into the universe . THIS is when you start aligning yourself with you new car.

Do the same if you would like to travel: imagine the sun on your skin, smell and taste the sea, hear the birds in the palm trees. Imagine laughing and relaxing with your loved ones. Grab on to those feelings of being right there and immerse your senses.

Don’t begin to wonder how you will accomplish your goal or allow doubts to start creeping in – you’ll be pushing everything away. Simply visualize achieving your goal and get into that feeling of acquiring it. The more you visualize, the simpler it becomes, and the simpler it will be to acquire the feeling or the actual having of what you desire.

Visualize Often

Try to visualize at least twice a day. During your spare moments, take the opportunity to visualize your goals. To make this a bit easier, cut out pictures from catalogs and/or magazines and post them as a reminder using a dream board or something as simple as magnets on your refrigerator. You will constantly have a reminder to visualize those dreams into reality!

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Jeanine DeOre

6 Responses to “Visualize Your Way to Success!”

  1. Dean says:

    Nice blog post!

    Using the power of imagination to cause yourself to be propelled to your intention is Your God Given Right. Work it and it becomes stronger and remember to first emotionalize your mind prior to projecting your future. Do this by counting your blessings and contemplating what you are grateful for in your life.

    Thanks for the post


  2. Julie Becker says:

    Jeanine, this is such a powerful concept. I am reminded of someone explaining this to me through the eyes of a child. If a child REALLY wants something, they focus on it. You may tell them NO, repeatedly, but they keep focusing on what they want. Not just for five minutes, but even over days and weeks. When the child does this, they usually get what they want. This technique is especially important to practice when things are hard and you get discouraged. Focus on what you want, and you will eventually get it!

  3. Jonaathan says:

    Great Post Jeanine! I’m a big believer in the Vision/Dream Board. Once you can get over the limits in your mind you are unstoppable!

  4. Robert B. says:

    Hi Jeanine,
    Nicely put and simple to remember..I like the twice a day recommendation….I have not heard of that yet!

  5. Brett says:

    So true. It is amazing when the mindset shift occurs. I am revisiting the dream board as well.


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