Create New Content for Your Blog Using Interviews

2013 03 15 1406 150x150 Create New Content for Your Blog Using InterviewsAre you looking for new content for your blog? Do you find it difficult to come up with blog posts and ideas? This article will show you how you can consistently come up with new content.

Interviewing others is one of the smartest and easiest ways to generate new content for you blog, every day. The following four points will show you why.

Why Interviews are a Great Way to Create New Content

1) Simplicity. You don’t have to stress about writing a funny post or a long article to come up with good content. You just interview someone and listen to his/her story. It really could not be easier! The only responsibility you have is to come up with some good questions. Even better? Once you have a set of questions, you can create a template for other interviews!

Scheduling people is usually simple as well. You can start with bloggers who are in your niche. They are usually more than willing to do an interview, especially for a backlink. You can even contact industry leaders for interviews. This can be a great “pull” to your blog and it gives them another opportunity to gain an audience as well. You can also interview people in other industries that can indirectly provide useful information (i.e., if you have a network marketing blog, interview someone in personal development). They want “cross-over” exposure and this is a great way to network with people.

2) Different Formats. You get to choose how to format your interviews for your particular audience, and showcase the new content on different websites. For example, you can post text or audio versions on your blog AND on Facebook. You can also do video interviews in person or webcam interviews over a free platform like Skype, and post them on your blog AND YouTube. This is great because it adds variety plus it offers you the opportunity to gain more followers, backlinks, etc.

3) Networking. This is definitely a bonus! Every person you interview is now in your “network.” While you are creating new content for your blog, you are also creating a website visitor and a potential lead. When you connect with people in this way they are put at ease. There is no sales pitch, no training – just the desire to interview them for your blog. This means the next time you call one of the people you interview, you have a great opening to the conversation. Say something like, “Hey, this is Jeanine. I interviewed you for my blog last month…” and you are in the door!

4) Go Viral. One of the most effective ways to market yourself is through social media and “word of mouth.” Of course, each person you interview will be back to check out your blog post. More importantly they are probably going to tell their friends and followers to check out their interview. They might even post a link to your blog on Twitter, Facebook or their personal blog – potentially reaching thousands of social contacts. Interviewing people is a fantastic way to get people talking.

Do you see all the benefits you can get from only this one content creation idea?  Now YOU will be able to consistently create new content by using interviews for your blog. Try it – go out and interview someone today!

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Jeanine DeOre

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21 Responses to “Create New Content for Your Blog Using Interviews”

  1. Ralf says:

    When I first started Blogging I had a hard time coming up with a topic that I should Blog about, but now there are endless ways to find topics to write about. Interviews is a great idea and I will use this as well!

    Thanks For posting this valuable info


  2. Exactly! Great article Jeanine. I’m looking forward to checking out and sharing more content on your site. :)

  3. Jonaathan says:

    Great points Jeanine I may have to incorporate this into my blogging as well. Thank You!

  4. Brett says:

    Great advice. I have used interviews in the past, but got away from that for a while. I am already planning to do some video at the next event I attend. I will then use them for blog posts…


  5. This is one style of blog post I haven’t done yet. Will have to put that on my to do list… mix things up a bit. Thanks for the info!!

  6. Excellent post here Jeanine! Great points, I have been considering this for a while- so worthwhile.

  7. Paige says:

    So easy to overlook the obvious. I need to do some of this. Great post!

    Paige recently posted…Working Out My WayMy Profile

  8. Bob Clarke says:

    Hey Jeanine… I’ve used interviews on my blog in the past and they went over very well… some of these are my most read posts.

    Love your tip about networking… so true. When you interview someone, there seems to be a bond that forms between the two of you. Your connection to them is different from others who just comment on their stuff, for example.

    Great tips.
    Bob Clarke recently posted…5 Reasons You’re Not Making Money In Your Home BusinessMy Profile

  9. Nicole Landry says:

    Jeanine, great content. I never thought of doing an interview for a blog post. And truthfully, sometimes it really is a pain to come up with fresh content, and more often than not, I let that stand in my way of posting anything at all! This is one method I will definitely keep on tap!

  10. Interviews also establish a level of AUTHORITY and CONFIDENCE that is hard to get from going it alone. Great post, Jeanine!
    Larry Hochman recently posted…Success Training: How To Receive…Big Don And The DrivewayMy Profile

  11. GMTA!! I was just thinking about guest blogging and interviews as a great resource, not to mention automatic networking, last week and signed up for Empower. We’ve now started a CO-OP for folks to contribute feature articles to the blog and pay-it-forward! Love this concept :D Cheers ~pda

  12. P.S. Of course, you know about the new CO-OP — I forgot I posted the link in Team CanDo! this morning lol If you’re not yet in Empower, we’d love to add this to our CO-OP collection! Let me know :-) Hugs, Penne

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