Good Copy, Copywriting and What it Means for Your Business

2013 03 13 1442 300x213 Good Copy, Copywriting and What it Means for Your BusinessToday I want to go over copywriting, and the characteristics of good copy. Copy is basically written text for the purpose of marketing or advertising a product, and is  just as essential as the quality of a product or service and/or the organization that offers it.

The Cornerstones of Good Copy

Good copy is first and foremost well-organized with NO grammatical errors. If your copy has misspellings and/or is difficult to read, it will look very unprofessional. This sets off red flags in the mind of your potential customers. Don’t let the incorrect usage of their/there/they’re drive away potential profits! Also, at the very least, be sure to run your copy through spellchecker before posting it.

Think about good copy the same way you would think about a job interview. For an interview, you would be clean and put-together, you’d look like a professional, and you may even rehearse a bit about what you would say. Your copy should appear like it’s heading in for a job interview as well – after all, this is really your business “speaking” for itself!

If you want your copy to truly pop, you’ll need to do more than make certain that you dot your Is and cross your Ts. Good copy can accurately describe the products or services that you are selling, in addition to inform the prospect why your products or services are better than what is currently offered by the competition. It also makes you appear credible and honest and adds a touch of urgency to the transaction, convincing the buyer that it is in his/her best interest to make a purchase as soon as possible. Good copy is convincing, but not overbearing.

How do You Create Good Copy?

There are a couple of obvious ways to go about getting good copy for your business. The first is writing it yourself. The second is outsourcing. Writing it yourself is definitely the cheaper option. Even if you think that you are utterly incapable of designing a website, you most likely know how to work word processing software and use spellchecker. Good copy does not have to be fancy!

However, copywriting is an area in which your organization should not scrimp. Be truthful with yourself. There is no shame in outsourcing if you feel someone else’s copy would better represent your products or services! Many individuals opt to outsource their copy like they outsource their web design. Just as there are individuals who have dedicated themselves to the creating of web pages, there are individuals who make a living out of writing the copy that fills these pages.  Quite a few web designers are also versed in copywriting, which will make your website get better rankings in search engines. That is certainly a worthy consideration as well.

Along the line of outsourcing…. One option is to consider joining a service that provides good copy, squeeze pages, sales funnels and everything you need to market your product or service “in a box.” This is the option I use the most, and the service I use is MyLeadSystemPro. There are also websites that let you “shop around” for people to do the copywriting for you for a small fee, such as Fiverr and ODesk

Regardless of your source, just don’t forget about spellchecker. icon smile Good Copy, Copywriting and What it Means for Your Business


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